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Every woman sacrifices. Career for kids. Her own well being for her husband.

Her ideals and goals for the patriarchal world at large.


Sacrifice is in their nature… but is it in their blood?



Too close to 40, too far from young. Suburban mother. Trophy wife uprising. Her children need her less, her husband gone more; she can’t help but wonder if this is what her life had come to, drinking tasteless coffee and leaving no mark on the world she lives in.  



“A face for radio” she was told but yet was front and center at one of the largest TV stations in the country. A mother of three and wife to a man who could no longer get it up. Marriage was tough. Thankfully, friendship was tougher.



She didn’t just break glass ceilings, she obliterated them, leaving tiny pieces scattered on the floor at her feet, much like her love life. If only that power could help fight her relationship insecurities.


On an impromptu girls’ weekend it didn't take long for things to fall into place, picking up right where they left off as if nothing had changed. 


Until everything changed.


The slit in her dress was not an invitation, but merely a rejection of the idea that she was no longer sexy. She had dressed up tonight to try to feel good about the woman who under all of it was crumbling. And yet he took advantage anyway.


Three friends who had survived everything life seemed to throw at them prove time and again that while the world might try to break them, their love was one that the storybooks rarely write about. The love between women who survived broken foundations to form an indestructible bond


 But can it survive the ultimate test? An attack on one of their own.


They aren’t wounded women. They are warriors.


Not just management and mothers. They are martyrs.

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