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"A good speech should be like a woman's skirt:

long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest"

~ Winston Churchill

Netflix and chill for the mentally ill.

Wife of a professional athlete thrown into the public eye while dealing with anxiety and depression, Alisha knows a thing or two about how to fake it. But one day she got tired of playing status quo and spoke up.

While thrown into an extraordinary life in the limelight she is nothing more than a simple ordinary woman who struggles behind closed doors.


Her story is one about surviving mental illness in a world full of insane stigma and thriving under conditions you never imagined possible.

A person's odds of being diagnosed with a mental illness are 1 in 4. 

That means if you are are out to dinner with 3 friends, one is legit crazy. 

A woman's odds of acquiring breast cancer are 1 in 8, the means you are twice as likely to get a mental illness than breast cancer yet somehow we have all kinds of walks, fundraisers, galas, and events bringing awareness to that disease. We even let doctors get to second base with us every year to protect our boob health.


Let Alisha "feel you up" mentally by giving an engaging, entertaining, open, and honest discussion about mental health to your group.

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